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Bertini, Gianni. Benoit, Pierre-André

Alès. P[ierre]. A[ndré]. B[enoit]. 1960
The édition de tête of Bertini's collaboration with PAB with the additional suite.

From the edition limited to 50 copies signed by Bertini and PAB in pencil, with this one of ten édition de tête copies numbered in Roman numerals with a separate suite of the prints with colour; the prints in the 40 normal copies were printed without ink.

The second engraving of the additional suite retains its conjoined blank. This is annotated in pencil (by PAB?): 'II = 2 / X'; this copy of the book is numbered 'II / X' so it is likely that the annotation refers to this detail.

[Montpellier 361].
[8 bifolia + 5 inserted leaves]. Small folio. (332 x 264 mm). Bifolium with title to first recto, following leaf with first engraving without colour, 4 following bifolia with PAB's verse to first leaf of each recto and verso, each conjoined leaf with engravings without colour, final bifolium with justification to first leaf recto; also included is the additional suite of five engravings printed in colour on single sheets. Original publisher's printed wrappers, titles to front cover in black.

Other Items

From the edition limited to 50 copies signed by Bertini and PAB, with this one of 40 ordinary copies; 10 copies numbered in Roman numerals included an additional suite.
Bertini, Gianni. Benoit, Pierre-AndréAller1960
Edition limited to 50 copies, signed by the author, artist and the publisher.
Sugai. Lambert, Jean-ClarenceAlea1962
L'Enfant de la Terre
From the edition limited to 50 copies, signed and numbered by PAB in pencil.
Arp. Alexandre, MaximeL'Enfant de la Terre1965
Ainsi Va L'Amitié
An excellent copy of this scarce book by PAB marking the friendship of the four contributors in a beautiful binding by Martin.
Char, René, Georges Braque, Mariette Lachaud, Pierre André BenoitAinsi Va L'Amitié1962
The collaborative artist book 'Geometrisch' with verse by Hubert Gersch and illustration by Bernd Ebeling.
Ebeling, Bernd and Hubert GerschGeometrisch1960
Antonio Calderara
Published to accompany the exhibition of Antonio Calderara at Kestner-Gesellschaft, Hannover from January 25 - February 25 1968.
Calderara. Schmied, WielandAntonio Calderara1968
Catalogue for two exhibitions of Robert Rauschenberg at Galerie Ileana Sonnabend, 1963: 'Oeuvres 1954-1961 (1 Février- 16 Février 1963) and Oeuvres 1962-1963 (20 Février - 9 Mars 1963).
Rauschenberg. Jouffroy, Alain (introduction)Rauschenberg1963
Pour Olivier Debré
Presentation copy of a scarce publication which accompanied Olivier Debré's exhibition at Galerie Knoedler in February 1963.
Debre, Oliver. Ponge, FrancisPour Olivier Debré1963
A Charlotte Moorman 'cello' in perspex with her signed presentation to Christo and Jeanne-Claude.
Moorman, CharlotteCello1988
Carl Henning-Pedersen
Monographic study of Cobra artist Carl Henning-Pedersen, from the 'Free Artists' series, edited by Asger Jorn.
Henning-pedersen. Dotremont, ChristianCarl Henning-Pedersen1950