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Sex a Gogo, For Amusement Only

Sannes, Sanne & Walter Steevensz

Bonn. Verlag der Europaischen Bucherei H.M. Hieronimi. 1969
'When Sex a Gogo was published in 1969, Sanne Sannes had recently been killed in a car accident, at the age of 30. He had been responsible for a notable work in the Dutch beeldroman (photonovel) tradition, Oog om Oog (Eye for Eye). Sex a Gogo was much more light-hearted, a Pop art sexual manual, complete with psychedelic collaging and cartoon speech balloons, much influenced by the many underground magazines that were such a feature of 1960s culture. The book's montages were devised by its designer, Walter Steevensz, who took over the project when Sannes died, and it is his vision as much as the photographer's that is evidenced in this typically 1960s comedy of sexual mores. Yet, however comical, Sex a Gogo never allows us to forget about its erotic intentions.'(Parr & Badger I, 227).
pp. (190). Oblong 8vo. Monochrome photographic illustrations throughout. Black photo-pictorial laminate boards.