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Stempel Theke / Stempelkasten / Stamp Thek / Theque d'Estampes. (Rubber Stamp Box)

Roth, Dieter

Dusseldorf / Stuttgart. Tam Thek / edition hansjörg mayer. 1968 / 1972
Dieter Roth's Stempel Theke / Stempelkasten with an original signed 'stampdrawing'.

From the edition limited to 111 copies, each signed and numbered and with an original 'stampdrawing' by the artist.

The multiple and its contents were created in the workshop of the Galerie der Spiegel in Cologne and the box was published by Edition TAM THEK under the aegis of Karl Gerstner and Daniel Spoerri (the box was edited jointly by Gerstner and by Spoerri) in 1968, however, part of the edition - presumably those boxes that were unsold initially - were issued by Hansjörg Mayer's 'edition hansjörg mayer' in 1972 with additions, excisions and alterations by Roth. The major addition is a large 'stampdrawing' to the box interior created using the multiple's stamps, but Roth's intervention does not end there: extensive use of a black marker by Roth has altered the spine label extensively, changing his name from 'Diter Rot' to 'Dieter Roth' with the addition of an 'e' and 'h', the publisher has been changed to 'edition hansjörg mayer' and the title of the work has been altered to 'Stempelkasten'. These alterations continue with the box interior: the justification has been modified extensively with the same black marker to reflect the same alterations in publishing details, the title and artist's name have been altered as per the spine label and Roth has signed the 'stampdrawing' and dated it '73 / September' in pencil.

[Dobke E2].
Square 4to. (28 x 28 x 7cm). Box with fitted sections for the following: 12 rubber stamps, 2 ink pads, 2 flasks with black and red ink and three leaves of instructions by Karl Gerstner and Dieter Roth recto only; sheet of white paper pasted to the interior with printed publication details, overwritten by Roth to alter the title and his name to 'Dieter' with the insertion of an 'e' and with an elaborate stamp drawing, label with justification pasted to spine interior also overwritten by Roth. Original drop-back black cloth box, white paper label to spine with publication details and manuscript alteration by Roth, With handwritten label across box opening, signed 'OK' by both Roth and Gerstner. Slight staining to lower edge of box affecting the colophon panel inside - contents fine.

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