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Artworker Star 1 - 3. [All published]


Antwerp. Artworker Foundation. 1971–1972
Artworker Foundation (ARFO) was a socio-cultural organisation founded by Hugo Heyrman in Antwerp in 1971.

During the 1960s, Heyrman profiled himself as an avant-garde artist with Happenings, film and video experiments. He published with Panamarenko the magazine 'Happening News' (6 issues), and after founding the Artworker Foundation he publishes this magazine, the 'Artworker Star' (3 issues). In 1970-73 he made a 'Continental Video & Film Tour' with his 'Mobile Museum of Modern Media' through Belgium, Germany, France and the Netherlands. For his 'Street-Life' paintings, he was elected laureate of the 'Jeune Peinture Belge' (1974) at the Palais des Beaux-arts, Brussels.

ARTWORKER STAR 1. Common Medium (1971). Printed in an edition of 100.With contributions by:
Carl Andre - Questions and answers
Marcel Broodthaers - Museum noir museum blanc
Carl Bungert - 2 Zeichnungen
Jacques Charlier - Quelques employees du S.T.P.
Luc Deleu - Art is art is not
Filip FrancisI - Diagram of an ultra-structure
Hugo Heyrman - Coca cola, music note, union match, brussels times, a cheap brainwashing
Bernd Lohaus - Du ich
Mon Pladys - Unfinished finished
Wout Vercammen - Days week-end, this is an honest artwork

ARTWORKER STAR 2. Brainwashing Medium (1972). Printed in an edition of 100.Contents:
James Lee Byars- This is the ghost of James Lee Byars calling
Marcel Broodthaers - Musée a vendre x2, fig.O, ma collection
Jacques Charlier - Extraits de plans étudiés au service technique provencial
Hans Magnus Enzensberger - Baukasten für die theorie der massenmedien
Hugo Heyrman - Identification, apartmentbells, battlefront
Mon Pladys - Attention! watch, perfume advertising
Bernd Urban - Four shots
Wout Vercammen - Garages x2, ver + nabij

ARTWORKER STAR 3. Art at Work (1972). Printed in an edition of 150. Contents:
Jacques Charlier - Voyage à Anvers organisé par la caisse de solarité du S.P.T. Septembre 1970
Luc Deleu - Art poster
Filip Francis - 24 Shots from the movie 3 minuten. Ultra project for the completion of the Antwerp Cathedral
Hugo Heyrman - Columbia: High Film. Cinema Kodak: Moving Movie. Daily Mirror: TV project
Hartmut Kaminski
Christof Kohlhofer
Lutz Mommartz
Tony Morgan
Panamarenko - De meckaniek van de meganeudons
Katharina Sieverding
T.O.P. office - University of Antwerp project
Bernd Urban - Sahara
Ben Vautier - L'Avant Garde en France
Koninklijke Filmgroep van Antwerpen mobile museum of modern media project
Düsseldorf Filmmakers: The Hedgehog spreads his Spikes, Der Igel spreizt seine Stacheln.
Folio. 3 issues. Printed in various colours and techniques, mostly screenprinted. Printed in an edition of between 100 and 150. Original wrappers. Each issue housed in original glossy card slipcase.

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