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Projects Class

Askevold, David

Halifax. Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design. 1969
One of the earliest and most important Conceptual Art printed ephemera.

David Askevold came to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University in the autumn of 1968, and it was here that he would come to develop his idea of the Projects Class, which ran from 1969-1972. Originally hired as a sculpture teacher in the Foundation Program, Askevold’s invention of the Projects Class quickly became one of the landmark pieces of Conceptual art exhibition.

The Projects Class helped to put Nova Scotia Arts Collage on the map, and at the centre of Conceptual Art innovation.

Askevold recruited a number of New York-based and international conceptual artists to write and submit proposals for projects to be completed by the students. These artists included: Robert Barry, Mel Bochner, Jan Dibbets, Sol Lewitt, N E Thing, James Lee Byars, Robert Smithson, Doug Huebler, Dan Graham, Lucy Lippard, Joseph Kosuth, and Lawrence Weiner. Some of the artists would come to see the projects progress and became involved with the students collaborative processes.

The projects were submitted on typed or handwritten cards, which would then be given to the students. This sort of exchange - between artists and students - opened up the idea that teaching or engaging with a class could become a work of art in itself.
Complete sets of the cards are increasingly difficult to find.
A rubber-stamped manila envelope containing a complete set of 12 cards (each 126 x 177 mm).

Other Items

Aerial Flowers
Paul Nash's final publication.
Nash, PaulAerial Flowers1947
Les Lèvres Nues. L'Imitation du Cinema
The scarce special edition of Marcel Marien's revue 'Les Levres Nues'.
Marien, MarcelLes Lèvres Nues. L'Imitation...1960
The Picture of Dorian Gray. (Announcement...
'The Picture of Dorian Gray' poster / announcement for the Petersburg Press London edition of the adaptation for the stage by Robert Kidd illustrated with 13 original colour lithographs by Dine.
Dine, JimThe Picture of Dorian...1968
The Soft Screw. Eight Lithographs and...
Large invitation card, stamped and mailed, for the exhibition ‘Eight Lithographs and a multiple sculpture by Claes Oldenburg’ at Margo Leavin Gallery, April 1976.
Oldenburg, ClaesThe Soft Screw. Eight...1976
Blank Page. Vols. 1 - 6...
Complete set of the richly illustrated periodical 'Blank Page,' an impressive and extensive survey of the plastic arts.
Blank PageBlank Page. Vols. 1...1988–1991
Claude Viallat
Published on the occasion of the exhibition at 12 x 1, organised by Europalia 75 France, L’association Francaise D’Action Artistique, La Society des Expositions du Palais des Beaux-Arts.
Pleynet, MarcelinClaude Viallat1975
Falbalas et Fanfreluches. Almanach des Modes...
A fine and complete set of Barbier's Art Deco gem, 'Falbalas et Fanfreluches', in the original wrappers.
Barbier, GeorgeFalbalas et Fanfreluches. Almanach...1922–1926
Tekst / Kontekst
Joseph Kosuth ephemeral flyer published on the occasion of the exhibition at Van Abbemuseum 10.
Kosuth, JosephTekst / Kontekst1978
K. Appel. Dipinti e Ceramiche. Galleria...
Published to accompany the exhibition of Karel Appel at Galleria d'Ariete (Milan) beginning 21 November 1956.
Appel. Sandberg, W. et alK. Appel. Dipinti e...1956
Karel Appel. (Nus / Nudes)
Published on the occasion of three Karel Appel exhibitions - in Zurich (1963), Paris and London (both 1964).
AppelKarel Appel. (Nus /...1963