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Duhring Duhring, nous étions contre le pouvoir des mots contre le pouvoir

Wolman, Gil

Paris. Published by the artist. 1979
Wolman’s second artist book published in the same year as 'L’homme séparé'.

In October 1979, he exhibited all 64 plates of ‘Duhring, Duhring,’ an appropriation of Engels’ ‘Anti-Dühring’ text, from which he excerpted a few words - nouns, individually enclosed in transparency mounts and arranged at regular intervals on the separate images of the heads of miscellaneous characters. In passing, they included Isou, mixed with Brezhnev and heads drawn by Wolman, thus defined by the noun associated with them, except that the photos recurred in a changed order and with different words.

Keen for the book to be widely distributed, he printed an edition of 5,000. Nearly all these copies were destroyed in the act of arson committed on 28 November 1980 at the Galerie Speiss warehouse, where ‘L’arbre séparé’ was also in storage.
pp. (64). Tabloid folio. Profusely illustrated throughout. Loose as issued in tabloid newspaper format.