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Blank Page. Vols. 1 - 6. (All Published)

Blank Page

London. B4 Publishing. 1988–1991
Complete set of the richly illustrated periodical 'Blank Page,' an impressive and extensive survey of the plastic arts.

Blank Page was a biannual portfolio publication, designed and edited by Philip Dobree with Adrian Self. It is notable for its display of original works of pure abstraction (many signed and numbered), interspersed throughout with critical texts by significant theorists, writers and designers.

Presented as original multiples, the works featured include lithographs, screenprints, relief prints, woodcuts, collages, etc. Volume 6, the final publication, is particularly rich in its gathering of many leading practitioners of pure abstraction, such as Charles Biederman, Cesar Domela, Anthony Hill, Michael Kidner, Francois Morellet and George Rickey.

The essays have been designed with a strict red and black constructivist aesthetic in mind, continuing the graphic style that unites all volumes. For example, in Volume 4 a cut-out black and white image by Douglas Allsop has been embedded within Geoff Bennington's text, 'Not One'.

Each volume was published in a limited edition of one hundred and fifty copies, except for Number 2, which was produced in an edition of 120 numbered copies.

Each portfolio performs like a mini, self-contained exhibition, with contributions by:

Number One (unnumbered on cover, gold on green): Selima Hill, Michael Symmons Roberts, David Powell, Alan Bold, Patricia Conolly, Nicholas Rawson, A. R. Lamb, Norman MacAffee, Douglas Allsop, Matthew Tyson, Teal Trigs, Francesca Lowery, Childe Roland, Volker Strater, Matteo Adinolfi, Marco Bettoni, and Josephine Pryde.

Number Two (red gilt on black): Jean Jacques Bauweraerts, Andrej Dluzniewski, Dre Devens, Ernest Edmonds, Heinz Gappmayr, Heinz Gruchot, Jean Pierre Husquinet, Michel Jouet, Fre Ligen, Jean Pierre Maury, Peter Meyer, Martine Meunier, Manfred Mohr, Tadeusz Myslowski, Nausica Pastra, Sigurd Rompza, Stefan Themerson, Dirk Verhaegen, and Steven Wheeler

Number Three (blue on light grey): Juan Agudelo, Nubia Arcia, Bosco Centeno, Jonny Chavarria, Elvis Chavarria, Ivan Guevara, Donald Guevara, Pedro Pablo Meneses, Felipe Pena, Olivia Silva, Charles Bezie, John Carter, Gottfried Honneger, James Juszczyk, Claude Pasquer, Yves Popet, Nico W. Pot, Perry Roberts, David Saunders, Francisco Soto Mesa, Jaak Vuylsteke, and Elizabeth Willmoth.

Number Four (black on brown): Andrew Benjamin, Geoff Bennington, Jean-Francois Lyotard, Stephen Melville, Timothy Murray, Peter Osborne, Douglas Allsop, Richard Bell, Marian Bruce, Tam Giles, John Goodyear, Rity Jansen Heijtmeijer, James Hugonin, Ray Masters, Dora Maurer, David Rubello, Albert Rubens, Clifford Singer, G. R. Thomson, Ian Tyson, and Opy Zouni.

Number Five (red on orange): Dietrich Mahlow, Mirella Bentivolgio, Peter Downsborough, Heinz Gappmayer, Pierre Garnier, Ilse Garnier, Bohumila Grogerova, Josef Hirsal, Wilfred Huet, Angelika Janz, Arrigo Lora- Totino, Ann Noel, Mari Orensanz, Andrzej Partum, Jadwiga Przbylak & Janusz Bakowsky, Eino Ruutsalo, Takahashi Shohachiro, Yves de Smet, Grzegorz Sztabinski, Bernar Villiers, and Emmett Williams.

Number Six (yellow on red): Stephen Bann, Andrew Benjamin, Andrew Wilson, Marcel Baugniet, Charles Biederman, Cesar Domela, Marcel Floris, Anthony Hill, Gottfried Honegger, Michael Kidner, Max Mahlmann, Francois Morellet, Aurelie NemNemours, Gudrun Piper, George Rickey, Michel Seuphor, and Anton Stankowski.
6 vols. Folio. (421 x 303 mm). Original lithographs, screenprints, relief prints, woodcuts, collages throughout, with the majority signed. Original publisher's colour boards, gilt titles to front covers.