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00 > 99. Ein Jahrhundert I >XII eins plus eins ist einszwei zwei ist einszwei e.t.c

Darboven, Hanne

Hamburg. Self-published by the artist. 1976
Hanne Darboven's numerical sequential artist book, self-published and supposedly published in an edition of 200 copies.

Numbers are repetitively spelt out and printed in ever-repeating sequences. Printed notations in the margins depict random dates in one century.

Only a certain unknown number of copies were actually bound in wrappers. This is a set of six uncut copies from the edition, each presented without covers, all wrapped together in original brown packing paper, handstamped by Darboven and annotated with black marker pen.

[see Bippus & Westheider's 'Hanne Darboven. Kommentiertes Werkverzeichnis der Bücher', no. 17, p. 56; see Moeglin-Delcroix's 'Esthetique du livre d'artiste 1960 / 1980' - pp. 264 - 265].