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Kartonplastiken von Erwin Heerich

Heerich, Erwin

Düsseldorf. Galerie Schmela. 1969
Exhibition announcement, May - June 1969.
Folded card. (14.7 x 21 cm). Two black and white illustrations.

Other Items

Erwin Heerich Modelle
Invitation to the opening of the exhibition Erwin Heerich Modelle at the Städtische Kunsthalle on the 5th of May 1979, the exhibition ran until the 4th of June 1979.
Heerich, ErwinErwin Heerich Modelle1979
Sehen und Denken 14 Erwin Heerich...
Card invitation to the opening of the exhibition Sehen und Denken 14 Erwin Heerich 'Insel' at the Akademie der Künste on the 7th of September 2001.
Heerich, ErwinSehen und Denken 14...2001
Skulpturen und Gemälde von Jean Fautrier
Leaflet accompanying the exhibition Skulpturen und Gemälde von Jean Fautrier at Galerie Schmela.
Fautrier, JeanSkulpturen und Gemälde von...1965
Gemälde und Gouachen von Antoni Tàpies
Gallery announcement for the Tàpies exhibition, April - May 1968.
Tàpies, AntoniGemälde und Gouachen von...1968
Georges Mathieu
Invitation to the opening of the Georges Mathieu exhibition at Galerie Schmela on the 11th of January 1958.
Mathieu, GeorgesGeorges Mathieu1958
Skulpturen von Aeppli
Card advertising the exhibition Skulpturen von Aeppli at Galerie Schmela from the 2nd to the 29th of April 1969.
Aeppli, EvaSkulpturen von Aeppli1969
Richard Smith. New paintings. [Invitation card]
A very rare sculptural invitation card to an early exhibition of Richard Smith paintings – a playful and excellent piece ephemera.
Smith, RichardRichard Smith. New paintings...1969
Antonio Calderara. Bilder, Aquarelle, Grafik
Leaflet accompanying the exhibition of Antonio Calderara's work at Galerie Defet with note by H.
Calderara, AntonioAntonio Calderara. Bilder, Aquarelle,...1969
Christian Ludwig Attersee
Folded card invitation to the opening of the Christian Ludwig Attersee exhibition at Maximilian Verlag Sabine Kunst on the 2nd of November 1989.
Attersee, ChristianChristian Ludwig Attersee1989
Exhibition announcement, March - April 1969.
Wilding, LudwigWilding1969