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Calder, Alexander

Turin. Palazzo a Velo. 1983
Guide to the Calder retrospective held at the Palazzo a Velo in Turin from July to September 1983.
pp.(24). 8vo.(215 x 116 mm). Numerous monochrome illustrations. Original wrappers.

Other Items

Brief guide accompanying the exhibition of works by Calder held at the Galerie D'Art Moderne from the 12th of June to the 14th of August 1971.
Calder, AlexanderAlexander Calder, Mobiles, Mobiles/Stabiles,...1971
Invitation to the opening of the Ludwig Wilding exhibition Unikate at Galerie m Bochum on the 7th of September 1973, the exhibition ran to the 16th of November.
Wilding, LudwigUnikate1973
Christian Ludwig Attersee
Folded card invitation to the opening of the Christian Ludwig Attersee exhibition at Maximilian Verlag Sabine Kunst on the 2nd of November 1989.
Attersee, ChristianChristian Ludwig Attersee1989
Works on Paper
Invitation to the opening reception of the Karel Appel Works on Paper exhibition at Jack Rutberg Fine Arts Los Angeles on the 4th of March 1988.
Appel, KarelWorks on Paper1988
Antonio Calderara
Leaflet accompanying the exhibition of Calderara's work at Galerie Francoise Mayer 11th May to 5th June 1971, with biographical note, bibliography and list of Calderara's exhibitions since 1960.
Calderara, AntonioAntonio Calderara1971
Academic Board Poems
Rare poetry book by Ken Smith with his annotations and a presentation.
Smith, KenAcademic Board Poems1968
Markus Lüpertz
Invitation to the opening of the Markus Lüpertz exhibition at Gillespie, Laage, Salomon on the 29th of April 1982, the exhibition ran until the 29th of May.
Lüpertz, MarkusMarkus Lüpertz1982
Markus Lüpertz
Card advertising the Markus Lüpertz exhibition at Waddington Galleries from the 4th of November to the 27th of November 1981.
Lüpertz, MarkusMarkus Lüpertz1981
Karel Appel Portraits
Invitation to the vernissage of the exhibition Karel Appel Portraits at Galerie De France Paris on the 14th of June 1988.
Appel, KarelKarel Appel Portraits1988
Asger Jorn
Invitation to the Galerie Van De Loo stand at Internationaler Kunstmarkt Köln 1981.
Jorn, AsgerAsger Jorn1981