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La Grille - La Couleur - Le Motif. (Art Wall Sticker)

Buren, Daniel

Arbois. Art Wall Sticker. 2001
Daniel Buren's 'Art Wall Sticker' multiple enabling the creation of a unique Buren work.

From the edition limited by time (730 days), signed in capitals and numbered by Buren to the 'certificat d'authenticité'.

The innovative 'Art Wall Sticker' catalogue proposed a series of works - the catalogue lists those by 20 individuals - that could be ordered through the post or from a website to be created in situ by the person who made the order. Each work would then, created in accordance with the instructions, be unique. The work presented here, by Daniel Buren, presents a series of vinyl stickers to be arranged in a grid pattern on a painted wall that would then be documented photographically by its creator and the images and details returned to 'Art Wall Sticker'.

'The artwork is about positioning on a wall a series of patterns in a sticker form on the indicated locations. To do this, one firstly paints the entire wall X in a colour Y, left to the choice of the collector. (All colours are authorised, including white) ... It is ... understood that each piece, once painted, drawn and the patterns stuck, is an original artwork, different from any other. The result of this 'mecanism' [sic] of unlimited edition, shall produce a unique work of art each time.' (From Buren's explanatory text).
Oblong 8vo. (Book: 190 x 297 mm) + 4to. (Stickers: 300 x 282 mm). in Folio. (410 x 266 mm). Printed book / catalogue ('Art Wall Sticker: Collection 2001') with text in English and French on a variety of different paper stock with illustration throughout in colour and monochrome depicting the various 'Art Wall Sticker' works by different artists available (Buren's contribution is on pp. 12 / 13 with text on pp. 55 / 79) with explanatory text, order forms and so on; 20 leaves of unused stickers ('White / Transparent / White' and 'Transparent / White / Transparent') for Buren's work are also included together with bilingual assembly instructions, a title sticker and the signed 'Certificat d'Authenticité'. Loose as issued in original publisher's black card portfolio, printed title labels to front cover and spine, publisher details and vignette in blind to front cover.