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Ma Revue. No. 1 (Janvier 1951) - No. 5 (Mai 1951)

Ma Revue. P.a.b. (Pierre André Benoit)

Alès. P[ierre]. A[ndré]. B[enoit]. 1951
Issue 1 - Illustrations by PAB and texts by J. Bousquet, G. Schneider and Jean Paulhan.
Issue 2 - Illustrations by G. Schneider and texts by Becker, Tchouang Tzeu (Juang-Zu) and PAB.
Issue 3 - Illustrations by R. Toulouse and texts by Max Jacob, R.-G. Cadou and M. Bealu.
Issue 4 - Illustrations by Warb and texts by G. Braque, L. Survage and F. Picabia.
Issue 5 - Illustrations by F. Picabia and texts by R. Adler, F. Delteil and Becker.

[Livres Réalisés par P. A. Benoit 166].
5 issues. 12mo. (80 x 73 mm). Illustrated throughout with monochrome lithographs. Original publisher's printed wrappers with titles to front covers in black.

Other Items

L'Enfant de la Terre
From the edition limited to 50 copies, signed and numbered by PAB in pencil.
Arp. Alexandre, MaximeL'Enfant de la Terre1965
From the edition limited to 59 numbered copies on vélin d'Arches, with this one of 50 signed and numbered by the publisher in pencil and signed by the artist in red crayon.
Masson. Boissonnas, EdithLimbe1959
De Moment en Moment
René Char's De Moment en Moment published by PAB and illustrated by Miró.
Miro, Joan. Char, RenéDe Moment en Moment1957, Mars
Edition limited to 50 copies, signed by the author, artist and the publisher.
Sugai. Lambert, Jean-ClarenceAlea1962
Ainsi Va L'Amitié
An excellent copy of this scarce PAB marking the friendship of the four contributors in a beautiful binding by Martin.
Char, René, Georges Braque, Mariette Lachaud, Pierre André BenoitAinsi Va L'Amitié1962
From the edition limited to 50 copies signed by Bertini and PAB, with this one of ten édition de tête copies with a separate suite of the prints with colour; the prints in the 40 normal copies were printed without ink.
Bertini, Gianni. Benoit, Pierre-AndréAller1960
André Thomas. R.L.T
From the edition limited to 500 copies.
RouaultAndré Thomas. R.L.T1951
La Folie Tristan. Poème Anglo-Normand du...
The édition de tête with Giacometti's signed etching in the original wrappers.
Giacometti. Lely, GilbertLa Folie Tristan. Poème...1959
Art d'Aujourd'hui. Revue d'Art Contemporain. Série...
The 'Janvier 1953' issue of Art d'Aujourd'hui, with the hors texte plate by Jacques Villon.
Art D'aujourd'hui. Bloc, André (Ed.)Art d'Aujourd'hui. Revue d'Art...1953
Art d'Aujourd'hui. Revue d'Art Contemporain. Série...
The 'Janvier 1952' issue of Art d'Aujourd'hui devoted to Abstract Art in Italy, with the hors texte plate by Alberto Magnelli.
Art D'aujourd'hui. Bloc, André (Ed.)Art d'Aujourd'hui. Revue d'Art...1952