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Lettre Ouverte. (Version Définitive)

Broodthaers, Marcel

Kasterlee. Rjkscentrum Frans Masereel. 1972
Marcel Broodthaers' 'Lettre Ouverte' print depicting the envelopes and letter for a 'Lettre Ouverte' with cancelled text.

From the edition limited to 300 unnumbered copies initialled 'M. B.' and dated '72' in white crayon at upper left and with the blindstamp of the publisher with the text 'RIJKSCENTRUM FRANS MASEREEL KASTERLEE' at lower right; a proof version was also issued.

Marcel Broodthaers composed a series of what he termed 'Lettres Ouvertes' (open letters) issued from his 'Departement des Aigles' which he then sent to members of the art-world. Many of the letters were published subsequently in small editions as printed texts, or, as here, had the text cancelled and made into an original image. The letters often comment on the social context of art of the period or allude to the weather, flowers, gardens and more ephemeral and traditionally Romantic themes. The ironical and ambiguous use of a confidential tone, the power of Broodthaer's one-man movement, the use of an 'old-fashioned' instrument such as an open letter in a world so fond of 'new media', are all typical of Broodthaers' critical interventions in the often self-involved and self-conscious world of art.

The proof version of this 'Lettre Ouverte' features uncancelled text and shows that the envelope at upper right features Broodthaers' own address, while that at lower right is addressed to Pierre Van Osselaere. The actual letter, dated 'le 6 Juin 1972' and addressed to 'Cher Masereel' reads as follows: 'Le ciel est dégagé ce jour ... les nuages / sont devenus plus rares et je vois des oiseaux poindre à l'horizon ... / il n'est peut-être qu'un cauchemar. / Vivions-nous un printemps en 1972?'

[Ceuleers 13a].
Folio. (380 x 515 mm). Sheet of thick wove paper with colour offset print by Marcel Broodthaers recto only, initialled and dated in white crayon at upper left and with the publisher's blindstamp at lower right.

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