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Ekstra Bladet. (Fluxus Newspaper Roll)

Fluxus. (Maciunas, G.)

(Copenhagen). (Fluxus). 1963
The scarce Fluxus newspaper roll: 'Ekstra Bladet'.

From the edition of unknown size.

'...could you prepare a dozen or so fluxus long rolls. [Fluxus Preview Review] (paste them carefully! straight!) maybe some Koeln printer can do them for you quickly. & send a few out. (as drucksache by boat to [a] few N. Y. people: Higgins, Flynt, Mac Low, Brecht, La Monte, Watts, Mekas, etc.) ... send them this way: take small, narrow roll & wrap it in wide - newsprint roll [Ekstr Bladet] then paste edge on itself, so that when they get it they will just read headline; Politiken, they will think it is just wrapping paper and cut it or rip, when cut they will have the wide roll in 100 pieces, nice? so do it like this ... '. (Maciunas to Tomas Schmit, August 1963).

'The title Ekstra Bladet is a Fluxus pin, being both the name of a Danish newspaper, meaning literally extra leaf. The 'newspaper roll' was a montage of articles on Fluxus from different newspapers that appeared primarily in European newspapers between September and November, 1962. The two-sided work is printed on newsprint, and was used to publicize the movement.' (Fluxus Codex).

[Fluxus Codex pg. 43 / Silverman no. 543).
Rolled scroll. (c. 210 x 30 mm). Printed text recto and verso on two conjoined sheets of newsprint paper (1145 x 210 mm unrolled).

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