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Kasmin is Open

Hockney, David, Morris Louis et al

London. Kasmin Gallery. 1973
Iconic piece of Kasmin Gallery ephemera, published on the occasion of the gallery's move to 10 Clifford Street (1973).

The cover shows a monochrome image of John Kasmin (Kas) with his friend Sheridan Dufferin, the 'well-off young lord' whose financial help Kasmin enlisted in starting his gallery.

The leporello illustrates the following works: 'Siberian' (W Darby Bannard, 1972), 'Mandolin' (Stephen Buckley, 1973), 'Rouge' (Anthony Caro, 1972–73), 'Deep | Beam' (Ron Davis, undated), 'Mo reading' (David Hockney, August 1973), 'Mr and Mrs E.J.P.' (Howard Hodkin, 1972–73), 'Beth Taf' (Morris Louis, 1968), '2-1964' (Kenneth Noland), 'Mother of Night-13' (Jules Oliski, 1973), 'Buck Graves' (Larry Poons, 1973),'Tomato' (Richard Smith, 1973), 'Chodoron IV' (Frank Stella, 1971) and a Southern Indian C18 painting 'Elephants worshipping Vishnu.'
Leporello (170 x 115 mm, folded) with punched hole tab at top. Monochrome image to cover plus thirteen colour images printed recto only reproducing works by Darby Bannard, Buckley, Caro, Davis, Hockney, Hodgkin, Louis, Noland, Olitski, Poons, Smith, Stella and a South Indian 18th century tapestry.