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dada & Surrealism

dada & Surrealism
A very good copy of the 'Troisième Série' of Odilon Redon's 'La Tentation de St.
Redon, OdilonLa Tentation de St...1896
Apocalypse de Saint-Jean par Odilon Redon
Odilon Redon's Apocalypse de Saint-Jean.
Redon, OdilonApocalypse de Saint-Jean par...1899
L'Otage. Drame
Louis Marcoussis's copy with his original signed Cubist gouache covering the wrappers.
Marcoussis. Claudel, PaulL'Otage. Drame1911
La Première Aventure Céléste de Mr...
An excellent copy of the first edition of Tzara's first book and the first publication of Zurich dada.
Janco, Marcel. Tzara, TristanLa Première Aventure Céléste...1916, 20th July
First edition of Tzara's first book and the first publication of Zurich dada.
Janco, Marcel. Tzara, TristanLa Première Aventure Céléste...1916, 20th July
A complete set of Dada - the magazine of the radical movement - including the very scarce final number Dada Intirol.
Dada. Tzara, Tristan (Directeur)Dada. Recueil littéraire et...1917–1921
SIC. Sons. Idées. Couleurs. Formes. No...
The scarce complete series of the avant garde review SIC.
Sic. Birot, Pierre-Albert (Directeur)SIC. Sons. Idées. Couleurs...Janvier 1916–Décembre 1919
Tsuki ni Hoeru. (Howling at the...
First edition, limited to 500 copies, in the rare dust-jacket.
Onchi Koshiro, Hagiwara Sakutaro & Tanaka KyokichiTsuki ni Hoeru. (Howling...1917
The édition de tête of Paul Dermée's first book illustrated by Henri Laurens.
Laurens, Henri. Dermée, PaulSpirales1917
Vingt-Cinq Poèmes - Dix Gravures sur...
A beautiful, unsophisticated copy of the mythical édition de tête of Tzara's dada collection illustrated by Hans Arp and with his exceptional cover.
Arp, Hans. Tzara, TristanVingt-Cinq Poèmes - Dix...1918, le vingt juin
First edition of this superb Dada collaboration and Tzara's second collection.
Arp, Hans. Tzara, TristanVingt-Cinq Poèmes. Dix gravures...1918
One of the rarest and most unusual illustrated books, printed entirely in colour woodcut on Chine, the beautiful collaboration between Léopold Survage and Hélène d'Oettingen, 'Accordez-Moi une Audience .
Survage, Léopold. Pieux, Léonard (Pseud. of Hélène d'Oettingen)Accordez-Moi une Audience et...1919 1920
An excellent example of David Bomberg's scarce post-Vorticist 'contstructive-geometric' artist book 'Russian Ballet'.
Bomberg, DavidRussian Ballet1919
A fine unopened copy of Gabory's erotic verse illustrated by André Derain.
Derain. Gabory, GeorgesLa Cassette de Plomb...1920
First edition of Huelsenbeck's Dada Almanach.
Huelsenbeck, RichardDada Almanach. Im Auftrag...1920
Unique Eunuque
From the original edition limited to 1,025 copies, with this one of 1,000 on 'Bouffant'.
Picabia, FrancisUnique Eunuque1920
Richard Huelsenbeck's 'En avant dada', his history of the beginnings of dada.
Huelsenbeck, RichardEn avant dada. Die...1920
Le Calumet. Edition définitive augmentée de...
A good copy of the 'édition définitive' illustrated by André Derain.
Derain. Salmon, AndréLe Calumet. Edition définitive...1920
One of the most beautiful and elegant of Kahnweiler's illustrated books.
Laurens. Radiguet, RaymondLes Pélican1921
Au 125 du Boulevard Saint-Germain
Benjamin Péret's early Surrealist text with Max Ernst's only original print for a book of the 1920s in a binding by Mercher.
Ernst. Péret, BenjaminAu 125 du Boulevard...1923