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Antiquarian Books

Antiquarian Books
The Architecture of Leon Battista Alberti...
First edition in English of Alberti's De Re Ædificatoria, together with his other works De Pictura and Della Statua.
Alberti, Leon BattistaThe Architecture of Leon...1726
The Old Closes and Streets of...
First expanded edition of Annan's photographic masterpiece, containing 50 photogravure plates, with this one of only 100 copies specially printed for the Corporation of Glasgow.
Annan, ThomasThe Old Closes and...1900
A Treatise on Domestic Pigeons .....
A very fine copy - with the plates coloured by hand - in a contemporary binding of this scarce and comprehensive work.
AnonA Treatise on Domestic...1765
Description of Banvard's Panorama of the...
Banvard's massive panorama - on three miles of canvas as indicated by the title (see above) - was a considerable undertaking and one which 'had he [Banvard] been aware, when he commenced the undertaking, of the vast amount of labor [sic] it required, he would have shrunk from the task in dismay ...
Banvard, JohnDescription of Banvard's Panorama...1847
Missione Al Gran Mogor del P...
First edition of Bartoli's account of the mission of the Jesuit Ridolfo Aquaviva to the Court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar the Great in 1580.
Bartoli, P. DanielloMissione Al Gran Mogor...1663
A Lithographic Sketch of the North...
A rare unsophisticated set of views of the Thames by Baynes showing Trench's proposed embankment.
Baynes, Thomas Mann. Trench, Lieut.-Col. Sir F. W., M. PA Lithographic Sketch of...1825
(Morte d'Arthur). The Birth, Life and...
First edition in a handsome binding.
Beardsley. Malory, Sir Thomas(Morte d'Arthur). The Birth,...1893–1894
Theil I: Bildsaulen und Wasserspiele des...
A large copy of Beyer's rare work on the statuary of Schönbrunn Palace.
Beyer, W[ilhelm]Theil I: Bildsaulen und...1779
Descrizione delle Feste Celebrate in Parma...
First edition of Bodoni's magnificent celebratory festival book produced the year after his appointment to the Stamperia Reale.
Bodoni, Giovanni BattistaDescrizione delle Feste Celebrate...1769
Le Più Insigni Pitture Parmensi Indicate...
First edition, large paper copy in folio, uncut and in the original publisher's binding.
Bodoni, Giovanni BattistaLe Più Insigni Pitture...1809 1816
A Collection of Prints, from Pictures...
First edition of the magnificent copper plate engravings from Boydell's Shakespeare, long regarded as the most beautiful illustrations of Shakespeare's plays.
BoydellA Collection of Prints,...1803; 1805
Siège de Paris. 1870 - 1871
A rare collection of Braquehais' photographs of Paris in the aftermath of the Prussian siege and during the Commune.
Braquehais, Bruno AugusteSiège de Paris. 1870...1871 circa
The Gardens of England
A rare copy of Brooke's outstanding colour views of great aristocratic English gardens.
Brooke, E. AdvenoThe Gardens of England1857
Groups of Flowers, Drawn and Accurately...
Second editions of three of Brookshaw's works to promote the art of drawing.
Brookshaw, GeorgeGroups of Flowers, Drawn...1819
Voyage à Méroé, au Fleuve Blanc,...
First edition of a very scarce work.
Cailliaud, FredericVoyage à Méroé, au...1823–1827
Gramatica Arabigo-Española, Vulgar, y Literal. Con...
Cañes' rare and important Spanish-Arabic grammar - the first to use Arabic types.
Cañes, FranciscoGramatica Arabigo-Española, Vulgar, y...1775
Monumentum Aeternae Memoriae Mariae Christinae Archiducis...
Rare publication on one of Canova's most important commissions, that for the tomb of the Habsburg Archduchess Maria Christina.
CanovaMonumentum Aeternae Memoriae Mariae...1813
The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director. Being...
A very fine copy of the best edition of Chippendale's seminal work on furniture and cabinet-making.
Chippendale, ThomasThe Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's...1762
Fürstlicher Baumeister, Oder: Architectura Civilis, Wie...
First edition of Decker's Architectura Civilis, a highpoint of German Baroque architectural design.
Decker, PaulFürstlicher Baumeister, Oder: Architectura...1711–1716
Repraesentatio Belli, ab successionem in Regno...
Decker’s rare suite of engravings - unsophisticated in a contemporary binding - illustrating the battles of the War of the Spanish Succession.
Decker, PaulRepraesentatio Belli, ab successionem...c.1715