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Modern Illustrated Books

Modern Illustrated Books
Interaction of Color
First edition of Albers masterpiece on colour theory.
Albers, JosefInteraction of Color1963
On ne regarde pas la lune,...
The deluxe issue of this artistic compendium with original signed works.
Arman, Cesar et alOn ne regarde pas...1974
A good copy of 'Cardiogramme' with Arman's two signed originals.
Arman. Lepage, JacquesCardiogramme1966
Die Wolkenpumpe
This copy with an ORIGINAL SIGNED DRAWING by Arp on first blank leaf and a dedication 'à Louis Broder'.
Arp, HansDie Wolkenpumpe1920
Vingt-cinq poèmes. Dix gravures sur bois...
First edition of this superb Dada collaboration in a variant full gilt cover with hand-painted vignette and stylised 'Tzara'.
Arp. Tzara, TristanVingt-cinq poèmes. Dix gravures...1918
Au Jour le Jour
A complete set of one of the rarest of Benoit's publications, limited to only 10 copies.
Au Jour Le Jour. Benoit, Pierre André [pab]Au Jour le Jour1954
Edition de tête limited to 135 examples, published in the series 'livre-objet' by Soleil Noir, printed on velin d'Arches and contained in a 'livre-miroir'.
Baj, Enrico. Mansour, JoyceÇa1970
Ingres and Other Parables
This represents Baldessari's first artist book, presented in a hanging wall calendar format.
Baldessari, JohnIngres and Other Parables1972
The Sonnets to Orpheus
From the edition limited to 300 copies on handmade Kozo Uwazen paper, signed and numbered by the illustrator on the justification.
Balthus. Rilke, Rainer MariaThe Sonnets to Orpheus1997
Jules César
From the edition limited to 112 copies, with this one of 99 copies on vélin Rives, with a double presentation from Mansour on the half-title in blue biro: 'A Suzanne / Quelques mots sur la fin d'un / cauchemar.
Bellmer. Mansour, JoyceJules César1955
Les Folies Françaises
A unique copy of Bertini's Les Folies Françaises with a wealth of additional original material in a binding designed by Bertini.
Bertini, Gianni. Lambert, Jean-ClarenceLes Folies Françaises1964–1966
The édition de tête of Bertini's collaboration with PAB with the additional suite.
Bertini, Gianni. Benoit, Pierre-AndréAller1960
Laissez Déborder le Hasard
From the edition limited to 29 copies signed by PAB, with this one of ten édition de tête copies with an additional colour pull of Gianni Bertini's 'gravure', signed in pencil.
Bertini, Gianni. Picabia, FrancisLaissez Déborder le Hasard1962
Fettzeitung. [Fat Magazine]
From the edition limited to 55 copies, signed, numbered and dated on the rear cover.
BeuysFettzeitung. [Fat Magazine]1973
Zlom. Nové vydání. (Rupture. New edition)
The second, expanded edition of Biebl's surrealistic poems from the years 1923-1928, published here for the first time with Teige's typographical compositions.
Biebl, KonstantinZlom. Nové vydání. (Rupture...1928
BLACK SUN PORTFOLIO. An Intercontinental Quarterly...
Complete set of the internationalist Black Sun Portfolio published in different cities (Washington D.
Diese Kinder suchen ihre Eltern
Edition of 2,000 copies, with this one of 77 numbered deluxe copies signed by Boltanski, with a numbered and signed black and white digital print laid in.
Boltanski, ChristianDiese Kinder suchen ihre...1994
A beautiful copy of the édition de tête of Bonnard's most famous and important illustrated book together with an additional volume with a unique cancelled suite of the plates and a suite in black known from this and one other example.
Bonnard. Verlaine, P[aul]Parallèlement1900
Theogonie. Eaux-fortes de Georges Braque
From the edition limited to 150 copies on 'papier d'Auvergne à la main', signed by George Braque.
Braque. HesiodeTheogonie. Eaux-fortes de Georges...1955
Universal Machine
Inside the box, under glass is a paper sheet printed with a collage of clip-art.
Brecht, GeorgeUniversal Machine1965