Sims Reed Rare Books:
From or by Marcel Duchamp or...
A very scarce copy of Marcel Duchamp's 'La Boîte-en-Valise' with a triple presentation from Duchamp.
Duchamp, MarcelFrom or by Marcel...1941–1958
Pulling Mouth
Original 16mm film for Bruce Nauman's 'Pulling Mouth'.
Nauman, BrucePulling Mouth1969
Dylan Thomas. Collected Poems 1934 -...
An extraordinary work of sympathy, empathy and synchronicity: Ceri Richards' ink illuminations to the poems of Dylan Thomas - with the beautiful painted dust-jacket - undertaken while the poet was dying.
Richards, Ceri. Dylan ThomasDylan Thomas. Collected Poems...1953
Fifteen Photographs
A superb example of the Double Elephant Press portfolio of signed photographs by Garry Winogrand.
Winogrand, Garry. Friedlander, Lee, EdFifteen Photographs1974
Fifteen Photographs
A superb example of the Double Elephant Press portfolio of signed photographs by Manuel Alvarez Bravo.
Bravo, Manuel Alvarez. Friedlander, Lee, EdFifteen Photographs1974
Mo Hitotsu No Kuni / Another...
The very scarce first edition of Moriyama's hand-made artist's book, the variant with the American flag cover, this copy signed 'Daido' by Moriyama.
Moriyama DaidoMo Hitotsu No Kuni...1974
A Gold Book
A unique example of the most beautiful of Warhol's pre-Pop books with a variant cover.
Warhol, AndyA Gold Book1957
Foirades / Fizzles
An excellent copy of the much celebrated result of the collaboration of Samuel Beckett and Jasper Johns.
Johns, Jasper. Beckett, SamuelFoirades / Fizzles1975–1976
Mick Jagger, 1975
An exceptional example of the prospectus / catalogue for Andy Warhol's portfolio of screenprints of Mick Jagger with each of the cards and the cover signed in black marker by Warhol.
Warhol, AndyMick Jagger, 19751975
Removedor. Revista del Taller Torres García...
The complete series of 'Removedor' published by Joaquin Torres-García and his students as the Taller (studio) Torres-García.
Torres-garcia, Joaquin et al. Castillo, Guido (Redactor)Removedor. Revista del Taller...1945–1953
A Catalogue of Superobjects - Supercomfort...
The superb, subversive photographic portfolio satirising capitalism and communism.
Komar & MelamidA Catalogue of Superobjects...1977
Les Murs
'Les Murs' with verse by Eugène Guillevic and Dubuffet's magnificent lithographs.
Dubuffet. Guillevic, E[ugène]Les Murs1950
Je Hais le Mouvement Qui Déplace...
A superb copy of the édition de tête of the 'édition originale' of Marcel Broodthaers' anonymous artist book - the first of 3 lettered copies and one of only 13 signed by the artist - inspired by Baudelaire's sonnet 'La Beauté'.
Broodthaers, Marcel. Charles BaudelaireJe Hais le Mouvement...1973
Les Fenêtres
A beautiful example of the édition de tête of 'Les Fenêtres' in a beautful binding by Monique Mathieu.
Asse, Geneviève. Supervielle, Silvia BaronLes Fenêtres1976
S. M. S. (Shit Must Stop)...
A complete set of the deluxe issue of William Copley's S.
S. M. S. Copley, WilliamS. M. S. (Shit...1968
To be with Art is all...
The very rare portfolio edition with an original photograph and limited to only nine copies of Gilbert & George's second booklet: 'To be with Art is all we Ask'.
Gilbert & GeorgeTo be with Art...1970, Autumn
The Ten Speeches of Gilbert and...
The very rare early portfolio detailing Gilbert & George's personal view of their own artistic persona(e).
Gilbert & GeorgeThe Ten Speeches of...1971, Spring
Book B
A very rare hand-cut 'slot book' by Di[e]ter Rot[h] with red and green sheets.
Rot[h], Di[e]terBook B1958–1964
The rarest of Fernand Léger's illustrated books.
Leger, Fernand. Frénaud, AndréSource Entière1952
... Mit Braunkreuz. ( ... With...
A highly important letter from Joseph Beuys to Monsignor Otto Mauer of Galerie Nächst Saint Stephan concerning the early multiple ' .
Beuys, Joseph... Mit Braunkreuz. (...1966, 16 November